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"It all started back in 1980 when I saw my first James Bond movie Moonraker. I was 6 years old and I was thrilled about this exciting world of great action, beautiful women, exotic locations and amazing gagets. In 1987 I started to collect newspaper cuttings and not much later I discovered that a lot of different Bond items exist and are produced. After collecting more then 30 years I have a large collection of James Bond merchandise and collectibles from all over the world; from Japan to the US, from Germany to France, from the UK to The Netherlands etc. As a fan and fanatical James Bond collector I always wanted to share my collection with other Bond and movie fans. I decided to make this website to dedicate it to the most succesful franchise in the movie industry and to show a large part of my James Bond collection. Beside the Bond items on this website I have more Bond items and hopefully some day I would be able to put them all on this website.

​I hope you will enjoy this website of the amazing collectible world of James Bond." 


                                                                                                                                                       V. van Raffen

                                                                                                                                                       President & owner​​​

NTTD posters.jpg
The six different 'No Time To Die' poster artworks
No Time To Die items
New additions

007 Exhibition during the Dutch Comic Event




The James Bond Collection organised a James Bond exhibition during the Dutch Comic Convention orgnaised by 'Het Stripschap'. The theme of the exhibition was 'James Bond Illustrated'. The focus of this exhibiton was the link between James Bond and comics. Several original cimic pages of the Marvel movie adapton 'For Your Eyes Only' 1982 were on display. Also different Bond movie posters, international comics, props, prins and all kind of merchandise could be seen at the exhibition. Al items on display had been selected from the archive of 'The James Bond Collection'.


There were about 3000 visitors at the James Bond exhibiton and it was a big succes!  

The Exhibition Poster


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